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Halley Elise

Halley’s multifaceted background, psychic ability and soothing voice make her the perfect candidate for radio or a speaker at your conference!

Halley has been engaging audiences from early on. As a child, she was a regular on television with, ‘The Time for Joya’ show, then later on performing on stage, then co-hosting the “Shalom Show’ and onto radio in 2005.You may have tuned in to Quantum Life, Conscious Sex, The Empower Hour or Push & Pull at Midnight. The Halley Elise Show has been on air for several years and now is happy to be a part of “The Palm’.

With over 30 years of being the student and then the teacher, Halley has mastered a myriad of techniques to inspire, prognosticate and help others manage their life. She often shares fast and easy ways to circumvent any situation, and illustrate a portent for the future and de-stress any life style.

Gifted with an almost scary psychic ability, Halley learned to use this skill in a soothing and productive manner. She helps others to be open to innate abilities and change how they move through their world.

Halley understands and appreciates natural and para-natural phenomena- blending analytical knowledge with creative flow. She sees both sides of the coin . . .
The everyday, the spiritual, and all the unusual in between.

It is her mission & pleasure to share wisdom that applies to all..

Many of Halley’s clients are from around the world; they seek council at her private practice in Florida, or by phone. You will find that the time shared with Halley Elise will include love, intuition, spiritual guidance and insights that help "you" master whatever situation you are experiencing and enhance the quality of your life!

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Monday 06:00pm - 07:00pm The Halley Elise Show
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